A Strong Woman Knows She Deserves These Things From A Relationship

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To be in a relationship with a woman who has been through ups and downs in her life and has been supporting herself is not very easy. She is her own superwoman, someone who has always been there for herself. When she is crying, and there’s no one with her to wipe her tears, she is the one to fight with all the dark days of her life, all by herself. It is not easy to please such a woman. They will not take whatever is being served on the table, because they know their self-worth. Women who are aware of what they deserve do not compromise on certain things in relationships.

To be respected: many girls do not consider it necessary and worthy to be genuinely respected and appreciated by their other half. More often than not, women happen to confuse gestures of disrespect with what they call “true love.” They believe that to submit themselves entirely to their partners and not to voice their opinions is the key to a happy relationship.

Girls, you need to realize that a healthy relationship is the one in which you can equally participate and contribute with your ideas/thoughts and be respected for it. Your partner should love and appreciate your inner and outer differences, shortcomings. Your man should recognize you, with all his heart, for who you are. Strong-willed and powerful women will never be around men who are ignorant enough to disrespect them in any manner, at any point in life.

Regard for her individuality and freedom:

All the ladies who have been there for themselves, who have been standing alone in the battleground of their life and fighting like nothing and no one cannot be caged, tethered to unjustified expectations and demands. The only chain that they would like to be tied to is the chain of true love, the kind that sets one free and makes every day better than the previous one. They will not give up their freedom. They will not give themselves up and be with someone who is not ready to accept her individuality and independence. The man who she chooses to be hers and the one who wants to be a part of her life would willingly let her have the social freedom and individual space that she requires or else she will feel suffocated, and suffocation is not what anybody would want to go through.

Someone who lets her be herself:

Well, a relationship isn’t meant to come with a rulebook, but that is something that a lot of men seem to forget. A strong woman will not readily sacrifice for the sake of a relationship. She has to be given a very compelling, substantial reason to place a man and a relationship on her priority list. She is who she is after going through a lot of hardships and difficulties. She has endured a lot of pain and experienced immense happiness during her journey that makes her the woman she has grown to be today. To expect her to give herself up entirely is absurd. She will love you as immensely as she loves herself, as long as you appreciate and accept her for who she is.

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