8 Signs You’re With A Real And Faithful Man

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5. He’s told his friends all about you

He doesn’t panic at the sight of his college friends when you guys run into them at a random party, he doesn’t introduce you to the people around him as a new friend he made, he doesn’t avoid putting up a Snap chat story with you just to hide your secret romance and he definitely does not feel any shame in admitting his feelings about you openly, at least to the people who matter to him.

His friends know absolutely everything about you, from how you guys met to how you managed to make him fall head over heels in love with you.

6. He doesn’t mind doing anything for you

He doesn’t have old-fashioned and discriminatory views about gender roles. He won’t mind cooking up an amazing dinner for your date night or helping you change your sheets. And when you’re having the laziest day and feel like doing absolutely nothing, he’ll be around to help you complete all your work.

7. He’s interested in anything and everything about you

He doesn’t want to find just this one common hobby or interest that you both share and then work out all of your conversations and free time around that one thing. No, that’s not how he goes about this relationship! He takes a genuine interest in all of your likes and dislikes and wants to know all the deepest, darkest thoughts you have in that beautiful mind of yours.

8. He has nothing to hide

He doesn’t have a passcode on his phone and he won’t give a second thought to leaving his phone with you for any reason at all. And this one time when you needed to see some pictures from his Facebook account, he didn’t hesitate for a single second before giving you his password. Now it’s not like you’re some psycho stalker who’ll take these opportunities to go through all of his personal conversations, but it feels nice to know that even if you did, he wouldn’t have anything to hide.


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