7 Signs That Your Partner Isn’t In Love And Is Just Settling For You

3 min


5. Your partner doesn’t really make it a point to plan for your relationship.

Your relationship is more like a casual agreement between two people; an agreement to just stay together without having any real direction or motivation to see things through until the end.

6. You constantly feel undervalued and unappreciated in the relationship.

You never feel like you are given importance or priority. You feel more like an accessory to the life of your partner than an actual human being.

7. You don’t feel like you can freely express your opinions.

You never feel like you have a safe space to express yourself. And if you ever do, you never feel like you are being heard or being paid attention to. It’s like anything that comes out of your mouth just falls on deaf ears. No one makes you feel heard in your relationship.


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