5 Signs All Trustworthy Men Have In Common

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3. His friends and family know about you:

He doesn’t treat his relationship with you like it’s a secret. People around him know about you. You’ve met his friends and family. He’s proud of having you around him at dinners, weddings, parties, etc. etc.

4. He acknowledges you on social media:

He acknowledges you on social media. His social media doesn’t suggest that you don’t exist. He replies to your comments, he puts up pictures with you, etc. etc. This may sound like a minor thing, but if his social media has no sign of you being a part his life while he’s an active social media user, he’s probably trying to come off as available or single to the world. That should tell you he isn’t honest.

5. He isn’t constantly flirting with other girls:

Its okay for your man to be overly friendly with other women but a trustworthy man isn’t always pouncing at the first chance he gets to talk and flirt with a woman. The man you trust should be focused on you, instead of looking for other girls to woo.


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