5 Reasons Why We Need Physical Touch Everyday

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3. Non-verbal communication is most clear when making use of physical touches.

There are two types of communication: Verbal and non-verbal. Sometimes, there are ideas that words just can’t reach or express accurately. We may not notice it, but we tend to use non-verbal methods of communication more often than we think. It plays an important part of our life. One very prominent kind of non-verbal communication is making use of the physical touch. We communicate with handshakes, with hugs, with kisses, with slaps, with punches, and with high-fives to name a few.

4. Physical touch offers a physical transfer of positive energy between people.

We are so fascinated by the speedy transfer of data with the use of a few fiber optic wires. It’s as if this technological marvel is a phenomena never seen before in the history of civilization. But what most people don’t realize is that we’ve been transferring energy via physical contact since the dawn of civilization. There are just no limits to the amount of positive energy someone could transfer with the use of hugs, kisses, and pats on the back.

5. Physical touches can be therapeutic for people with physical and emotional wounds.

We all have scars: both physical and emotional. There is just no denying the value of physical touches in healing these wounds. Doctors use physical touch to heal our external wounds and physical sicknesses. Our loved ones try to heal our souls with hugs and intertwined hands. These are levels of healing that technology just can’t provide.

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