14 Reasons Why Men Love To Cuddle

3 min


5. They Can Be Themselves:

Guys are always expected to be the strong ones but there are days when things don’t go the way they would like them to, so they would come to you where they can embrace you and feel relaxed. Your arms might be the place where they can finally be themselves after a long day of faking smiles.

6. It is Comfortable:

This reason is why both the genders, and even animals, love cuddling. It is comfortable; you have to be an alien without a soul to deny this fact. There is nothing better than snuggling up with your favorite person on a chilly night.

7. Deep Slumber:

Just like it makes women sleep soundly, it makes men do the same. It is, in fact, scientifically proven that cuddling helps the two people sleep well and better than usual routine sleep. He might ask you to cuddle when he has had a rough day and just wants a deep sleep.

8. No Pressure:

Cuddling might even be the only thing that puts no pressure on them. Even sex can stress them about your expectations and make them worried but as simple as cuddling is, it takes little to no effort and only gives positive results.

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