14 Reasons Why Men Love To Cuddle

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It’s the 21st century: it’s high time we normalize normal things for both genders including cuddling for men. Writing for men’ after cuddling made me cringe since an act of embracing shouldn’t be attributed to just half the species while the other half is as human as the first half. Men like cuddling, although they might not do it too often so as not to give you any false hopes but when they are actually in it, they love to cuddle and guess what? We can tell you 14 reasons why!

1.  They Instinctively Like To Protect:

Cuddling, besides all the other feelings, gives men the feeling of being the protector.

When they wrap their arms around you they feel like they have somewhat contributed to their instinctive responsibility of protecting you and you have got to admit that you do feel a sense of safety.

2. It Makes You Happy:

Guys very well know the fact that we love cuddling and sometimes, just sometimes, they do us to make us happy. Even if they fear that you won’t let him change sides if you fall asleep while cuddling, they do it for the sake of that contentment on your face.

3. They Are Close To You:

Cuddling is the best possible form of making love without doing much. One of the reasons why guys love it, although not more than sex, most probably, is that it keeps you two close. They get to keep you close to their hearts and just relax. How calming is that feeling?

4. He Feels Manly:

Sometimes, when our self-esteem drops down and our ego is hurt, we look for refuge in someone and seek some way to get them back up. If your guy wishes to cuddle, one day, it might be because of the lemons life has been giving him lately.

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