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If you are new to this and feel that time at the gym or at your work out place feels boring and difficult, finding a friend or a family member to work out with you might be a good idea.

With the right fitness partner time goes by faster. Working out alone it is easier to get distracted or to keep watching the clock counting down the minutes to finish your work out.

With a friend more likely you won't cancel your work out or put any excuse to end earlier. Like I said, if is the right friend, a good friend will push you and try to keep you motivated through out the entire work out and in some rare cases if your friend is the one that needs the help you can actually feel responsible and end up helping by keeping both of you motivated.
With a friend you can coordinate your schedules and in some cases if you don't have a car or for some reason you don't feel like driving, your friend could pick you up helping you not canceling your work out.

You both can set goals and in a friendly type of competition to push each other in the journey. Celebrating your success is not as fun as celebrating with a friend and sharing the story with other people, pictures, etc…

But again, finding the right fitness partner is not easy but I'm very positive that you will have friends or a family member probably in need of a fitness partner, go ahead and start asking.

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