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Floating Island Floating Island

Learn to appreciate the finer things in life by relaxing on the inflatable floating island. This floating slice of heaven provides multiple spots to lay out and soak up some rays in addition to a spacious lounge area with room for the whole gang.


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Back Massage Robot Back Massage Robot

Kick back and let your cares and concerns melt away while the back massage robot does its thing. This small palm-size gadget gently lulls you into a state of total relaxation by walking all over your back while massaging you with up to three different settings.


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My Face Cosmetic Bag My Face Cosmetic Bag

Makeup is awesome, so why not embrace it by storing all your accessories inside the “contents: my face” cosmetic bag? The bag comes in a fun pink hue along with the comical message that tells the whole world that’s where your money maker is stored.


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Hair Coloring Chalk Hair Coloring Chalk

Switch through hair colors faster than you change outfits with the hair coloring chalk. This unique chalk comes in every color under the sun and allows you to temporarily dye your hair with the same ease as coloring a piece of paper. The chalk works great for pranks too.


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